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A variety of trees with white blooms in Central Park.



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The first four pictures are saucer magnolias, I think, which were in bloom when I was in New York and VERY PRETTY.



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Here are some more flowers, some of which I have no idea what they are.

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I’ve run out of wildflowers and current nature photos, so I’m going to go pack in time, over a year, to my trip to New York last April. Here are some of the flowers from Central Park. This first batch has some interesting tulips, which has been planted everywhere. Some of the photos may be a bit blurry but you can still enjoy the vibrant colors.



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Took these last April in Central Park, NY.

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My family and I spent our first afternoon in Manhattan walking almost the entire length of Central Park. It is 2.5 miles long and half a mile wide! We were in there for about three hours. We weren’t powerwalking or anything, just taking our time and looking at stuff. Our feet were killing us by the end. Almost at the northern edge of the Park is the Conservatory Garden, Central Park’s only formal garden. Comprised of 6 acres, the Garden takes its name from a conservatory that stood on the site from 1898 to 1934, when the head gardener used the glasshouses to harden hardwood cuttings for the park’s plantings. This is according to wikipedia.

Some brightly colored flowers.

Saucer Magnolias (foreground) and cherry trees.

Apparently in the spring everybody goes crazy for tulips, and you see them planted everywhere. Central Park was no exception.

I just liked the shape of this tree.

pretty white hanging flowers.

Today I learned that this is a pergola, a garden feature which is a shaded walkway formed by pillars with vines on top.

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Part of my trek through Central Park in Manhattan included checking out the Belvedere Castle. It’s free, which is always nice. And I can never pass up a tower with a ton of stairs and a good lookout.

According to wikipedia, the castle was built in 1869 as a Victorian folly (I had to look up folly; in this sense it means an ornate fancy building that also fulfills a utilitarian function). And Belvedere means “beautiful view,” which it has since it was built on the park’s second highest natural elevation in the Ramble.

A view from across Belvedere Lake.

A view of the tower.

A cockatrice atop a doorway. A cockatrice is kind of like a basilisk without any front legs, and can turn people to stone with its stare.

Looking down on the lake and a goose.

A view to the east of the park.

Looking out over the Ramble, I think, so this would be south.

I'm not sure what this building is but it looks cool.

A view to the west.

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