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So Friday night my husband and I went to see the Lieutenant of Inishmore at the Mark Taper Forum in downtown L.A.

It is a dark comedy and is supposed to be “unapologetically bloody.” It was definitely bloody, but not super funny. The funny was very forced, and cliched. The first half was a bit slow. The second half was funnier and bloodier. And there was a real live kitty at the end.

Now, when my husband and I go to the theatre (note fancy spelling, pronounced thee-ATE-er), we don’t try to get the best seats possible. We buy the seats closest to an exit so we can make a fast getaway. I am certain that we were the first out of the building, even though we were on the second level. As soon as the curtain starts to close and the lights dim, we are hurrying towards the exit, clapping as we go. This time we literally ran through the parking lot. I wore sensible flats so I could run faster. It made me think of old movies where them man in a suit is dragging the woman behind him as they run. We looked exactly like this:

After our getaway, we stopped at In ‘n’ Out, our traditional post-theatre meal. But this time, since we were celebrating our anniversary, we brought it home and had it with champagne. Mmm, champagne and hamburgers. We are classy.

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On Sunday I was with my husband in Pasadena and we were walking around City Hall. It has really beautiful architecture, and I took a picture of the stairs.

I want to throw a pot and then add stairs on the inside of it so it looks like this. I really like the colors too. Somehow I don’t think my pot would turn out this nice though.

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