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Geek Humor

Props if you know the reference! From HERE.


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I went to the Huntington Library and saw the “Beautiful Science” Exhibit. They have a great display on Light which includes a neat display on the history of lightbulbs. I took some pictures to use as wallpaper on my phone. Here they are:

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These are soft-shelled turtles.

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I went to the Huntington Library and Garden again and saw some nice art. Here’s some of it:

I really liked the fabric pattern on this chair.

This hedgehog is for crocuses, or something like that

I love this light fixture, it’s so steampunk!

this wedgewood looks very modern, but it’s 150 years old!

Yes, it’s not art, but I liked the dragonfly

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I was in Palm Springs last month and came across the Louis Vuitton store that had a window display by Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese artist who is obsessed with polkadots, repeating patterns, and intense colors. Here’s an example of the display with Yayoi Kusama in the middle (can you believe she’s in her 80’s?):

Unfortunately I can’t afford anything from the collaboration line between Vuitton and Kusama. I just wish I could have some of those polkadot tentacles from the window display!

Here is a retrospective video from the Tate museum that shows highlights from her work:


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