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I took a cooking class at Roy’s Hawaiian Restaurant in Pasadena this past weekend. I LOVE Roy’s. It’s one of my favorite restaurants. I was so excited I just kept grinning before class started. We made appetizers at this class. It was my first cooking class at Roy’s, but I’ll definitely take classes there in the future.

This is an acorn squash salad with arugula and pomegranate seeds with a pomegranate dressing. It was really good. It’s vegetarian, and if you brown the squash with olive oil instead of butter it can be vegan.

Here’s a chicken curry salad with apples and mango. I usually don’t like putting fruit with meat, but it was really good. finely diced chicken, apples, and mango, with curry mayonnaise. Yum!

Scallop ceviche. I didn’t try this because I don’t like scallops or avocado.

Here’s some shrimp lumpia (egg rolls) with bean sprouts and diced veggies. They were really good. The sous chef made a sweet and spicy chili sauce to go with them. I wish I had the recipe for that.

Here’s some of Roy’s famous short ribs. We didn’t cook these, because it takes a long time to make, but the sous chef teaching the class made some plus some steamed veggies so we could eat them for lunch along with our appetizers.

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This was some funky flower pod on a succulent/cactus or something. Whatever it is, it’s cool.

UPDATE: It’s one of those stinky flower plants that have a bad smell to attract pollinating insects.

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I NEED THIS! It is so cool. I think I want the glossy white model but it’s way more expensive. If I have to get one of the cheaper models I guess I’d get the orange one. Here’s the story behind the Litterfish. And you can pre-order your own right here. It would be really cool if they make one in the future that looks like a shark!



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It was very hard to take photos of the jellyfish. Aquatic life just won’t stay still! The first photo is of a moon jellyfish, and the rest are lagoon jellies.


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One of the places I went to on my free day was the Waikiki Aquarium. They have a nursery where they are growing giant clams. I never realized that they were so colorful when they’re alive! I guess I’ve just seen the giant shells after the death of the clams. The colors are fantastic!


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