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Today I want for a hike with Dottie and Appelina’s mother, who is in town for a week. She will henceforth be known as C-mom (Canada-mom). We went to Franklin Canyon Park and had a great time sniffing trees and chasing squirrels. And then Dottie discovered the sunbathing turtles (red-eared sliders, invasive)! Don’t worry, no turtles were harmed or eaten.


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I don’t know if Appelina ever mentioned it in her blog, but the one time she took Dottie to a place where she could try to herd some sheep (she is part Corgi after all), she was politely invited NEVER TO COME BACK. How rude. So here is how Dottie must herd sheep now:

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Sad spoiled puppy doesn’t like to get her toes wet after the rain. This is Dottie on her VERY short minute walk.

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Dogs are opportunists, and the only reason they get away with it is because they are so cute. The other night Hubby and I were coming back from dinner and we stopped by Appelina’s apartment to give Dottie a piece of steak from my sandwich. She gobbled it right up. And while we were all chatting, Dottie then decided to eat the rest of Appelina’s Monte Cristo sandwich that was on a plate on the floor. She didn’t eat the baked potato though (she’s watching her carb intake).

This reminded me of my first dog Natasha. One day when I was little I had a hamburger from McDonald’s. The door rang, and I left my burger on a TV tray on the floor. When I came back the bun was still there but the patty was gone. Oh well.

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Last weekend was one of those rare occasions where it got below 60F degrees in Los Angeles. Those people who dared venture outside in these extreme conditions had to take precautions. Here’s how Dottie protected herself against the cold:

Dottie in her designer coat - made by ME!!

She's so adorable!

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