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Saturday night my family and I went to Da Pasquale in Beverly Hills for dinner to break the Yom Kippur fast. This restaurant has the best marinated grilled veggie antipasto. Each veggie is marinated in a different way. I love the zucchini, eggplant, and carrots. I could eat them every day. We ate them before I remembered to take a picture. They also have fresh bread that you can dip in olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Here’s a pic:

I also forgot to take a picture of my salad. Here is half my meal. I got the pasta special. Two big sheets of pasta, one stuffed with spinach and cheese, the other with beef and bechamel sauce, then baked.

For dessert Hubby and I shared an Italian style cheesecake, Torta di Ricotta all’Arancio, and my mom had lemon sorbet served in a lemon, which made her very happy:

It was a good dinner.

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Since my birthday fell on a Friday, I feel obligated to celebrate it all weekend. Last night Hubby and I ordered from Dino’s, my favorite pizza place. We got a pizza with pepperjack cheese and ricotta cheese on it. SO GOOD. Plus some salad and a bottle of sweet red bubbly wine from Trader Joe’s. I’m Jewish so I like my wine sweet. We also had red velvet cupcakes (my favorite) from this new cupcake place in Pasadena called Sugar Fix. The pics are on Hubby’s phone so I’ll have to add them later.

Tonight I went out to dinner with my mom, aunt and uncle, and my cousin who is in town for the weekend, and of course Hubby. We went to Firenze Osteria, with chef/owner Fabio Viviani from Top Chef!! I’ve never been to a celebrity chef’s restaurant before. It was really very good. Plus, the decor is very interesting. Here is one of the prints of an Italian statue. The picture is fuzzy because I took it from across the room and the light was dim. The guy in the statue is holding his horn.

Italian Art

We started dinner with some bread and a spread made from tomatoes, olives, garlic, basil, and olive oil. It was very good. Then we got a grilled veggie platter with burrata mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar. We also got a plate of speck (like prosciuto) with arugala and grilled peaches that was really good. I forgot to take pictures until it was too late. I got the butternut squash ravioli with homemade pasta and a cream/sage/butter sauce, and it was fantastic.

Tortellacci di Zucca

Then they brought me a flourless chocolate cake for my birthday. It was FANTASTIC.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

And then I got some Panna Cotta with strawberries and a sweet balsamic reduction. I’ve never had balsamic with strawberries or anything sweet, and it was surprisingly good, although my tastebuds weren’t really used to that combination. But I enjoyed it, although it was served in a goblet with an opening narrower than the base so it was hard to get the food out. I also got some coffee which were served in cute mugs.

Panna Cotta

Coffee in cute round mug


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My husband showed me the video of Mast Brothers chocolate last night. These are truly artisan chocolate makers.  I could barely wait for the video to finish bore I checked out their website. I was ready to immediately buy some chocolate. Then I found out that you can only buy 10 bars of chocolate, 2.5 ounces each, which is fine with me, but it’s $92.00!!! After watching the video on their blog though I think it might be worth it.

Mast Brothers Website

Mast Brothers Chocolate Blog

These photos are from the blog Paper Tastebuds.

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On Saturday my husband and I went to the Nisei Festival in Little Tokyo. We saw our first ever competitive eating contest. It was very exciting once it got underway. The contestants had to eat as many gyoza (Japanese dumplings) in 10 minutes as possible. This event was even sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). Those are the folks that do the famous hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s hot dogs every year. Now I want a hot dog for lunch.

Anyway, here is a slightly blurry picture of the event:

The contestant in the pointed hat down at the bottom tied for 4th place, and I think he was an amateur. He ate 64 gyoza. The winner, who is an international competitor, ate 189!! That’s almost 19 per minute! That’s just insane. One of the competitors who wasn’t a professional ended up puking, aka a “reversal of fortune.” It was fun. We bought frozen gyoza at the market afterward.

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If you’ve never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut, their original glazed doughnut is enough to send anyone into a diabetic coma.  But now there’s something at the Wisconsin State Fair that will make your body shut down altogether just to escape the horror: the KRISPY KREME CHEESEBURGER! A burger patty and slice of cheese with a glazed doughnut as a bun! GROSS!

If that’s not disgusting enough, you can get it topped with chocolate covered bacon. Just looking at that makes me want to only eat celery for the rest of the day.

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So Friday night my husband and I went to see the Lieutenant of Inishmore at the Mark Taper Forum in downtown L.A.

It is a dark comedy and is supposed to be “unapologetically bloody.” It was definitely bloody, but not super funny. The funny was very forced, and cliched. The first half was a bit slow. The second half was funnier and bloodier. And there was a real live kitty at the end.

Now, when my husband and I go to the theatre (note fancy spelling, pronounced thee-ATE-er), we don’t try to get the best seats possible. We buy the seats closest to an exit so we can make a fast getaway. I am certain that we were the first out of the building, even though we were on the second level. As soon as the curtain starts to close and the lights dim, we are hurrying towards the exit, clapping as we go. This time we literally ran through the parking lot. I wore sensible flats so I could run faster. It made me think of old movies where them man in a suit is dragging the woman behind him as they run. We looked exactly like this:

After our getaway, we stopped at In ‘n’ Out, our traditional post-theatre meal. But this time, since we were celebrating our anniversary, we brought it home and had it with champagne. Mmm, champagne and hamburgers. We are classy.

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Saturday my husband and I went down to Gardena to do some shopping. We had lunch at one of our favorite restaraunts, a little hole-in-the-wall called Teriyaki Hawaii. They have the best Hawaiian shaved ice outside of Hawaii. I would drive down there just to get it. I get the flavor combo with vanilla (blue), pineapple (yellow), and cherry (red). It is UTTERLY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!. They’re regular food is good too, and they have some traditional plate lunches like loco moco and lau lau. Their kalua pork is great too.


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