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Today is my husband’s and my wedding anniversary. We’ve been married for three years! But we were together for a lot longer before that. We’re going out to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurant tonight for dinner. It’s one of our favorite restaurants, great food and great service for a good price. And they have chocolate lava cake:


So this is our first anniversary after my dad died. I opened the anniversary card that my mom had sent us and got super depressed because it only said “Mom” on it, no “Dad.” Everybody says the first year after a death is the hardest, but then other people tell me it’s been years since a loved one has died and they still get upset about it every once in a while. So I don’t know what to expect. And it’s never the same from one person to the next. Grief just seems to go on forever. And now I’ve made this posting depressing. Oh well.

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I’m eating my cereal today for the first time from the bowl that I made in pottery. Hurray for me! Here is a picture of my work of art that is CEREAL BOWL.


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So after the Renegade Craft Fair we walked over to the famous Philippe’s restaurant, home of the French Dipped Sandwich. It is well worth the wait in line. Here is a picture I took while we waited in line:


And here is a picture of my food. I got the single-dipped beef sandwich, a side of cole slaw, and a diet Coke. And don’t forget to add their home made spicy mustard! It made my eyes water! Delicious!

Beef Dip, Cole Slaw, and Soda

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Christopher Walken just got even cooler. Now he’s cooking on youtube! I hope there are more videos of him.

AWESOME!!! The chicken recipe actually sounds yummy. A+D … Read More

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My husband and I decided to have an Edward Gorey themed cake. I made a Styrofoam and paper 3D model of how I wanted the cake to look and took that around to bakeries. The woman who ended up making my cake did a fantastic job. She really got into it. The cake itself was yummy too! My husband and I are on the top, and our two cats are in the tower. We told her we wanted people being shifty, but not murdering each other since it was for a wedding after all.

Front of Cake

Front of Cake

cake left side

cake right side

cake top

our kitties


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