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Here are some more turtles that were sunbathing at Franklin Canyon Park.

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Today I want for a hike with Dottie and Appelina’s mother, who is in town for a week. She will henceforth be known as C-mom (Canada-mom). We went to Franklin Canyon Park and had a great time sniffing trees and chasing squirrels. And then Dottie discovered the sunbathing turtles (red-eared sliders, invasive)! Don’t worry, no turtles were harmed or eaten.


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Wow, that was a lot of irises. Thanks for putting up with all of them. Here are some birds as a break from flowers. Then it will be more flowers for a while. Sorry about this, but I took a lot of them. But don’t worry, they are pretty, and plus at the end of the month I will have a treat for you! Hurray!

A peacock lounging on a wall.

A peahen nesting in the flower box outside the LA Arboretum gift shop.

Here she is facing the other way. If you see nesting birds, don't pester them. I took this with a strong zoom lens from far away.

A hawk at Franklin Canyon.

I think this is a merganser, a diving bird.

A heron perched in a tree.

The heron scratching his head so you can see some long head feathers sticking up.

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Last week Hubby and I went to Franklin Canyon park and brought along Miss Dottie for a nice walk. Miss Dottie was being quite the lady, until she tried to drag me into the duck pond so that she could eat one. Oh well.

Here is Miss Dottie with the lake behind her.



A mallard duck. Looks almost like a watercolor painting.



A wood duck!



Male and female wood ducks, with a mallard in the background.



A turtle sunning itself in the warm weather.



A pretty orange tree.



A redwood tree.
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