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As I mentioned, Jews like to eat on holidays. During Hanukkah, it is traditional to eat fried foods, which represent the oil of the Temple that lasted eight days. Go look it up if you don’t know the story. The favorite fried food of Hanukkah is LATKES! I love latkes. They are fried potato pancakes, usually served with applesauce (I don’t know why), and sour cream (yuck). I eat them with ketchup.

Doesn’t that latke look good? It should, because I got it from a Martha Stewart website.

Here is the traditional way Jews make latkes. First, buy a box of latke mix. Manischewitz (pronounced man-ih-sheh-vitz) is preferred. Then follow the instructions on the box, and enjoy!

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It’s the first night of Hanukkah, or Channukah, or Chanukkah, or Hannukah, or however you want to spell it. There are a million ways. Why do we celebrate Hannukah? You can read the full story here, I’m not going to go into it. Let’s just say it’s ANOTHER holiday when the Jews celebrate not being massacred or oppressed, and we eat a lot. So HAPPY HANNUKAH!

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