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Needless to say I just pre-ordered the deluxe bundle that comes with:

  • A gold* Wii Remote Plus controller
  • A special music CD featuring orchestral arrangements of select songs that will be performed at The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Plus, so I don’t miss a single microscopic side quest, I ordered the special collector’s addition strategy guide!


It should all be here after Thanksgiving because I got the cheap shipping option. And then nobody will every hear from me again because my brain will be in Hyrule.


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I loved our room in Park City. We were staying at the Snowflower Resort, which is one of those condos/timeshare/hotel deals. I had won two nights there at a silent auction. It was very cute, and I will show pictures of the interior later. But for now, I must tell you of the view from our balcony and master bedroom. Shall I let the pictures speak for themselves? I think I shall.

YES!! It is a cemetery! And upon check-in at the resort I asked the ski dude working behind the desk if it was haunted, and he said “Oh yeah.” Although we did not experience any hauntings. If my mother-in-law found out about this she would probably freak out saying I was inviting things to come back with us.

This is the Glenwood Cemetery, a place filled with history, as well as miners, immigrants, and members of fraternal organizations (aka secret societies). It’s a neat place to go and learn about local history. Here is a tour.

the front gates

right after entering the gates you cross a small stream. is this intentional since some people believe that spirits can’t cross moving water? hmmm.

remember friends as you pass by, as you are now so was I; as I am now, you will be, prepare for death and follow me.

no pain, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach the peaceful sleeper here. an 8-year-old child’s grave. a large amount of the graves were for children 10-years old and younger. winter births and various diseases meant high infant/child mortality rates. very sad.

a grave with a seal of a fraternal society, although I’m not sure which.

a grave of a Woodman of the World, one of the fraternal organizations, who often used logs as part of their grave stones.

a kitty hunting in the cemetery, probably lives at one of the condos. i like cemetery critters.

broken fence – no stream to prevent ghosties from following you home if you exit this way!

gates from the inside out

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The 33 trapped Chilean miners have all been rescued after about 69 days underground. Their story is truly amazing. For the first 17 days they had no contact with those on the surface, and did not know if any rescue operations were taking place. Yet they still rationed their food, maintained order, and kept hope alive that they would be rescued. Chile and other countries, including the US, worked together to bring all of these men out alive. It shows that one of the strongest human emotions is hope, even against all odds. These men and their families will now need to readjust to life, and they still face many psychological and emotional hardships. Let’s hope they stay strong. Here are some pictures, released from the Chilean government:

In this photo released by the Chilean Presidential Press Office, the last miner to be rescued, Luis Urzua, gestures as Chile's President Sebastian Pinera, right, looks on. (AP Photo/Chilean Government, Hugo Infante)

In this photo released by the Chilean government, miner Carlos Barrios waves to the crowd while emerging from the capsule that brought him to the surface. Barrios is the thirteenth of 33 miners who was rescued after more than 2 months trapped underground. (AP Photo/Hugo Infante, Chilean government). My mom told me that this capsule was built by NASA. I also heard that NASA psychologists that specialize in working with people living in small spaces (like on a spaceship) went to Chile to help.

In this photo released by the Government of Chile, miner Daniel Herrera Campos embraces his mother after being rescued. Herrera was the sixteenth of 33 miners. (AP Photo/Hugo Infante, Government of Chile)

I think this was one of the first miners to emerge. And no, they're not wearing sunglasses to be cool, after being in the dark for 69 days their eyes are now unaccustomed to the light. The miners were also given sweatshirts to put on before coming up because the temperature in the mine was about 90F and it was significantly cooler above ground.

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This was just so nice. If only humans could show this much appreciation to the men and women deployed overseas. I found this on I Has a Hotdog. If you turn up the voume to hear the puppy yipping in happiness it will make you cry.

I’d just like to add that to get that video to embed, I had to go to the viddler site that hosts “I Has a Hotdog” videos, search “hoam” and then click on embed from there, and choose the embed wordpress option. Argh, what a hassle. But a nice video.

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My quote, which I came up with while watching Casa Blanca (I think), is up on Daily Calligraphy!!

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