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I was in Palm Springs last month and came across the Louis Vuitton store that had a window display by Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese artist who is obsessed with polkadots, repeating patterns, and intense colors. Here’s an example of the display with Yayoi Kusama in the middle (can you believe she’s in her 80’s?):

Unfortunately I can’t afford anything from the collaboration line between Vuitton and Kusama. I just wish I could have some of those polkadot tentacles from the window display!

Here is a retrospective video from the Tate museum that shows highlights from her work:


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This was a quite interesting movie. It’s Japanese, from 2011. The main character is a weak-willed fish-shop owner whose life gets entangled with a serial killer’s life. The man is totally helpless against the killer’s strong, domineering personality, and becomes an unwilling accomplice to several murders.

If you like tropical fish there are some pretty specimens in the movie. Also, because I have a twisted sense of humor, a “blood wrestling” scene near the end of the film that I thought was quite funny, although I don’t know if  it was supposed to be.

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This robot can solve a Rubik’s cube. I can’t. I like how it’s showing off its accomplishment proudly at the end.

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The Japanese are awesome. I want this in my house.

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Apparently this is the third in a series of “Stray Cat Rock” movies from Japan in the late 60’s and early 70’s. This one is from 1970. I shall share some nice quotes from it that I think sum up the quality of the movie.

Baron: “I bought you a cool leather jacket.”
Mako: “I ripped it up”
Baron: “Perfume too. Dior’s Diorissimo.”
Mako: “Smashed the bottle.”

“When bitches get in heat like this, they get all reckless.”

“Can’t find them.” Well maybe if you took your sunglasses off at night you’d be able to see well enough to spot them.


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Why don’t people ever run away from things in movies? No matter what country the movie is from, people never run away!

And if this spirit is possessing women, and when you kill the possessed woman she looks like the original woman again, you’re not really being effective.  So when you behead the last woman because the ghost needs to be  beheaded in order for her to stop coming back, wouldn’t you really need to behead the corpse, and not the possessed woman? Why don’t people realize this in the movie? Because then I guess you couldn’t have one last minute of “Oh shit, the ghost is back!” before it goes to the credits.

It follows the usual Japanese storyline of:

“Oh no, there’s a ghost!”

“That’s the same ghost that haunted this area when I was a kid!”

“What can we do to stop it?”

“Don’t worry, I know all about the ghost, so I can defeat it!”

“Hurray, it is defeated, although almost everybody is dead!”

“Oh shit, the ghost is back because we didn’t really stop it!”

Aside from these things, The Slit-Mouthed Woman was a pretty decent horror movie. The Japanese don’t normally come out with bad horror movies. Although this one has violence against children, it kind of deals with mothers who abuse their children, so if you have issues with that don’t watch this. But it was decent nonetheless.

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