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I have always been a fan of Anthony Bourdain, chef, author, and traveling TV tour guide to the underbelly of the cities around the world, showing us the wonders of deliciousness and decadence to be found from five star restaurants to food carts on the street. I’ve read Kitchen Confidential, A Cook’s Tour, and have his Les Halles cookbook. I’ve also read some of his “mafia chef” type books. Plus I love his food shows. So when I had a chance to go to eat at the restaurant where he used to cook before becoming such a celebrity, I couldn’t pass it up. Brasserie Les Halles is a French-style bistro. We went to the original location on Park Avenue. It looks like this on the inside:

Here is part of the Les Halles dining room.

One of the chandeliers

The nice carved wooden beams on the ceiling.

I expected it to be super pricey but it wasn’t. For $20 you can get Steak Frites and Salad, which was plenty of food. I got the Onglet à l’Échalote, which was hanger steak with a shallot sauce, french fires, and salad. It was very good:


They had many fine desserts to. My mom and cousins all got the fresh apple tart with vanilla ice cream. But if I’m at a special restaurant, especially on vacation, I’m getting the fanciest dessert. So I ordered the Crepes Suzette prepared table-side!

The crepe cart which was brought to my table, compete with Grand Marnier (orange liquor), rum, oranges, and lemons. Plus a gas grill. Just ignore those strangers in the background ruining my shot by enjoying their dinner.

There is the crepe pan. The crepes themselves were pre-made. The waiter made the sauce in the pan and then added the crepes to heat them up.

Adding fresh orange juice to the pan.

My waiter with his loud tie making the crepe sauce.

Oh no my crepes are on fire!!

The fire is burning away all the booze! Oh noes!!

The finished crepes. Yummy! They were so light and delicious!

If you’re in Manhattan you should go to Les Halles (pronounced Lay-All). The staff was very attentive, and not snooty or anything like that.

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