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Just watched a really good Korean movie from 2005 called Antarctic Journal. It wasn’t a fast-paced action-packed movie, but it kept my interest for two whole hours! It’s about a Korean expedition of 6 men who are trying to reach the Point of Inaccessibility (POI) in Antarctica. It’s a psychological drama, and we see how the men react differently to the stresses of the environment and all of that. Very good scenery.

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I saw the movie Bernie last weekend, starring Jack Black, plus Shirley MacClaine and Matthew McConaughey. Jack Black is so fantastic in this. It’s a dark comedy, but everybody in the theater was laughing out loud. The interviews with town residents are hilarious. Everybody should go see this movie, based on a true story!

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This was a quite interesting movie. It’s Japanese, from 2011. The main character is a weak-willed fish-shop owner whose life gets entangled with a serial killer’s life. The man is totally helpless against the killer’s strong, domineering personality, and becomes an unwilling accomplice to several murders.

If you like tropical fish there are some pretty specimens in the movie. Also, because I have a twisted sense of humor, a “blood wrestling” scene near the end of the film that I thought was quite funny, although I don’t know if  it was supposed to be.

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Just watched Federico Fellini’s Satyricon, which is very very strange, just like all Fellini movies. Lots of male butts and wrestling and boobies, so something for everyone! As long as you don’t mind the fact that it is almost impossible to figure out what’s going on.

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Don’t remember seeing Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives? That’s because this gem was straight-to-video! Sort of like an homage to sexploitation films of the 70’s, this revenge flick features transexuals/transvestites/drag queens. The acting and dialogue aren’t the best, and there are some holes in the story, but there are some great one-liners and the costumes are nice. If you aren’t easily offended and want to watch something just for fun, you should try this.


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