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I went to the Huntington Library and saw the “Beautiful Science” Exhibit. They have a great display on Light which includes a neat display on the history of lightbulbs. I took some pictures to use as wallpaper on my phone. Here they are:

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So I should apologize in advance. I finally bought my own hummingbird feeder since just about everybody in my apartment building has one (or two), and I wanted one of my very own. So now I’ll probably be posting a ton of hummingbird photos. As I sit here typing by my patio glass door I can hear their wings humming away outside. Here’s my feeder:


It has six feeding posts. I even went outside and cleaned the water spots off of the window so I could see them better. Now there are not spots but tons of streaky glare. I’ll have to take care of that later. I filled the feeder up to the top yesterday afternoon and now less then 24 hours later it’s down about 2 inches. We have about a dozen hummers that feed in our courtyard regularly and they are hungry! This one froze in mid air for me so I could take its picture:


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