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A new family of spider was discovered in a cave in Oregon, called the Trogloraptor (Cave Robber) due to its front claws. It’s the first new spider family discovered in North America since the 1870s and about the size of a half dollar. Nobody knows what it eats yet as it is very shy.

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If you have a blog, you can look at your search stats and see how many hits your blog got when people searched for a certain term. In the past I have had many hits from searches using the word “penis” or “gay.” I think this is funny. Here are some of my more recent search stats that are amusing.

  • Sad  (37!!)
  • Squirrel penis
  • ophiocordyceps
  • Deer horns woman
  • Girls named Appelina!!
  • Gargoyles penis
  • Slide house (still going strong!)

So still some penis searches, but nowhere near as many as I’ve had in the past. And so this isn’t just a text-only post, here’s a rock formation that looks a bit like a penis.


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I got Appelina this wonderful Easter treat.

This sad, scary chocolate bunny was at the 99-cent store.

This bunny is a wee bit creepy. And blurry, sorry.

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Atrocities like this only come around once a generation. It is almost too horrible to describe, and those dared to gaze upon it shudder and wake screaming in the night. It is known as…CHERPUMPLE!!!

It appears to be a normal cake, but the trickle of goo is an ill omen.

Burnt offerings are placed upon it in an ancient ritual.

JB goes mad as he looks upon the horror.

Appelina smiles wickedly as she gazes upon the monstrosity that she brought into this world.

The sacrifice has begun!

Shield your eyes lest ye go mad!!

I am going mad just looking upon it! How can something such as this exist in a sane world? Cherry pie baked into a chocolate cake, on top of pumpkin pie baked into a yellow cake, on top of of an apple pie baked into a spice cake!! All topped with frosting and colorful sprinkles!! OH NO!!


Oh the horror of it all!!

Thankfully the monster cannot survive long in our world, and implodes upon itself, thus sparing all those who were not present at Appelina's and JB's BIRTHDAY PARTY OF DOOM.

And coming soon, REVENGE OF CHERPUMPLE!!!!

* Please excuse the blurry photos, I was drunk.

* If you every decide to attempt this horror, I suggest putting the pumpkin pie on the bottom, it’s more structurally sound than apple pie.

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