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I just thought I’d put up some pictures of the sky above Stough Canyon last week so I don’t have to look at that goat herder’s face from the movie any more when I look at my blog. There are also to pictures of purple sage flowers.





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These are from the hike I went on last week, after the really big snow. All the snow nearby is gone now, it’s just on the mountains in the distance. Hubby and I hiked for 3 hours that day!! And then came home and took a nap.

a pretty and slightly out of focus butterfly we saw

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Hubby and I were hiking at Stough the other day when we saw a guy walking down the hill with his adorable 8-week old Siberian Husky puppy! I yelled, I need to pet your puppy! He also let me take a picture of her. Her name is Bella.

She was too excited about nature to sit still long enough to take a good picture, so here’s a picture of husky puppies I found online so you can see how adorable husky puppy faces are.



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Here are some pictures from hiking at Stough Canyon near us. We like nature.

Looking down into the Valley.
More vistas.
An old boy scout camp that burned down a long time ago.
Part of the foundations, with graffiti that looks like the “lost piece” from the Shel Silverstein book.
More graffiti in a water cistern. Funny and freaky at the same time.
Pretty tiny flowers.
Mourning doves in a tree near the visitor’s center. How many can you spot?
More mourning doves, all lined up.
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