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Hubby and I went to Park City, Utah again last month. We went to Red Butte Botanic Gardens, which is a nice place to see the fall colors. It seemed dryer than the last time we were in Utah, but it was still pretty.

this could be in the hills around Los Angeles!


The Quarry House from a distance

Quarry House up close

I think this is a Golden Eagle! Note the yellow beak and legs.

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One of the main reasons Hubby and I went to Utah in October was to see the leaves change color. So here are some pictures of trees, leaves, and assorted nature. I’m posting these in gallery mode so if you click on them you can see a larger image.

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I loved our room in Park City. We were staying at the Snowflower Resort, which is one of those condos/timeshare/hotel deals. I had won two nights there at a silent auction. It was very cute, and I will show pictures of the interior later. But for now, I must tell you of the view from our balcony and master bedroom. Shall I let the pictures speak for themselves? I think I shall.

YES!! It is a cemetery! And upon check-in at the resort I asked the ski dude working behind the desk if it was haunted, and he said “Oh yeah.” Although we did not experience any hauntings. If my mother-in-law found out about this she would probably freak out saying I was inviting things to come back with us.

This is the Glenwood Cemetery, a place filled with history, as well as miners, immigrants, and members of fraternal organizations (aka secret societies). It’s a neat place to go and learn about local history. Here is a tour.

the front gates

right after entering the gates you cross a small stream. is this intentional since some people believe that spirits can’t cross moving water? hmmm.

remember friends as you pass by, as you are now so was I; as I am now, you will be, prepare for death and follow me.

no pain, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach the peaceful sleeper here. an 8-year-old child’s grave. a large amount of the graves were for children 10-years old and younger. winter births and various diseases meant high infant/child mortality rates. very sad.

a grave with a seal of a fraternal society, although I’m not sure which.

a grave of a Woodman of the World, one of the fraternal organizations, who often used logs as part of their grave stones.

a kitty hunting in the cemetery, probably lives at one of the condos. i like cemetery critters.

broken fence – no stream to prevent ghosties from following you home if you exit this way!

gates from the inside out

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I wasn’t quite sure how to post all my Utah pictures considering there are over 130 of them, so I’m going to do some by topic. Today’s topic – BOOZE! Utah is considered by many to be a ‘dry’ state, but if you’re in Salt Lake City or Park City there is plenty of beer and other alcohol. We went to three beer breweries, and one whisky distillery. It was fun. Here are some photos. We went to Squatters, Red Rock, Wasatch, and High West. And I’d just like to say that everywhere we ate had excellent food.

First up is Squatters. We ate here in Salt Lake City after we first arrived. It was my second favorite when it came to beer.

Squatter's Brewhouse sampler

Yes, I ate meat, but it was Niman Ranch burger which means it came from a family run humane and sustainable ranch. AND IT WAS DAMN GOOD! And those are garlic fries. Mmmm.

Next was Red Rock in Park City the first night we were there. It was my least favorite, but it’s because their main focus is food, and not beer. And the candelabra thing the beer came in was HEAVY.

The beer sampler at Red Rock in Park City.

The last brewery was Wasatch in Park City, and it was our favorite beer. This one didn’t have a sampler of 6 3-oz tastes like the other brewhouses, but they had 5-oz samples for $1.75!! That is nuts! I had the Apricot Hefewiezen and the seasonal Pumpkin Spice which was fantastic. Here are photos of the beer stills.

Beer in the making

Beer making technology at work

After having lots of beer at lunch we then went to the High West Whiskey Distillery for dessert. We shared this butterscotch pudding thing which was fabulous and I ate it before I took a picture. Oh well. We had samples of their five whiskeys and two vodkas. I recommend the Rendezvous whiskey and the straight vodka, not the peach vodka, which was too peachy for me.

From left to right, Rendezvous, 21 year, 16 year, and a "bourye" blend of bourbon and rye whiskey.

It was a very libatious weekend.

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