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A couple of weeks ago Hubby and I went to Vasquez Rocks, a natural park close to us. It is a magnificent example of mother nature at work, with huge rocks jutting out of the ground as a result of tectonic plate action along the San Andreas Fault. It’s great fun to climb on the rocks and hike around.

The sky was very pretty that day. Bright blue with big white poofy clouds.

You can see the twisted strata of the rock which can be seen throughout the fault faultline.

A path cutting between the rocks.

Rocks jutting into the sky.

A tree nestled amongst the rocks.

This looked like a face, a closed eye, a nose, and a beard.

More scenery.

Pretty. You can see the scale of the rocks compared to the cars and people.

A pretty bird that we saw, I'm not sure what kind it is. It almost looks like a small falcon.

A bush that looked like it had a raven sitting on it, but was just a bush.

A HUGE raven.

A nice peak going into the sky.

A troll head, emerging from the ground. Heavy brows, a big nose.

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Posted by on October 5, 2011 in adventure, nature, outings