30 Jun

Last weekend, Appelina, her boyfriend J, and I went to the Dwell Design show at the LA Convention Center. It is full of artisans showing off their crafts, vendors showing off their new toilets and fridges, hipsters, and chickens. Here are a few of the miscellaneous interesting things we saw there.

The entrance to the Dwell Show.

Some kids stuff - a table topped with layers of colored paper for coloring. That would be neat to have if you're a kid.

This deer ink drawing was part of a room display. I just liked it.

A cute little sink. I wonder if water splashes out of it easily.

A cute hanging mirror made out of a repurposed bag or possibly an old hat box. Without trying to, I got a really nice reflection it in. I want it.

A cute little wall projection. It would be neat if you could switch the images whenever you wanted to.


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Posted by on June 30, 2011 in crafts, fun, outings, shopping


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