10 May

Part of my trek through Central Park in Manhattan included checking out the Belvedere Castle. It’s free, which is always nice. And I can never pass up a tower with a ton of stairs and a good lookout.

According to wikipedia, the castle was built in 1869 as a Victorian folly (I had to look up folly; in this sense it means an ornate fancy building that also fulfills a utilitarian function). And Belvedere means “beautiful view,” which it has since it was built on the park’s second highest natural elevation in the Ramble.

A view from across Belvedere Lake.

A view of the tower.

A cockatrice atop a doorway. A cockatrice is kind of like a basilisk without any front legs, and can turn people to stone with its stare.

Looking down on the lake and a goose.

A view to the east of the park.

Looking out over the Ramble, I think, so this would be south.

I'm not sure what this building is but it looks cool.

A view to the west.

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