15 May

It is a cold and rainy morning, and my husband is out running the Pasadena marathon. which means I had to get up at 5 am too in order to drive him here. Yea. But that means I get to have breakfast at Pie ‘n’ Burger! Hurray! So I am typing this on my iPad and I feel totally out of place doing so. This diner has been around since 1963 and has basically remained unchanged in all that time. I think the only thing that has been altered on the menu is the addition of turkey burgers and garden burgers.


Earlier this week I was contemplating getting a slice of pecan pie and a side of bacon for breakfast, but suddenly last night I didn’t feel like pie anymore. So I got bacon and eggs. It comes with their home made toast. You can totally tell that the bread is made from scratch, it’s so good! Next time I will get the thin pancakes which look great, and I’ve been told are a must-have.



The few people that are wandering in here are soaking wet. I can see the 5K and 10K runners going by, and some of them look miserable. I am going to stay in here as long as possible. I wonder if I can stay here for the next three hours. The waitress said I can. That was nice of her. I gave her a nice tip. The bad thing for you is that there is no Internet connection here so I will just keep rambling in this post until the rain let’s up.

I feel like a time traveller from the future that has landed in an ancient diner. If I ignore the TV and the waitress with the cell phone. There is a local sitting near me that even asked who the chef was today. I guess she prefers one cook over the other.

Now I’m bored. I had stuff I was going to do but I realize I can’t without an internet. I’m also realizing that it is hard to type fast on an iPad. I thought about getting a portable keyboard but that kind of ruins the point of an iPad, which is portability. Tomorrow I will be at jury duty in downtown Los Angeles, so I will be blogging from there. Hopefully there is a wireless connection I can latch onto.

Did I mention it was raining outside? My jacket is soaked through in parts, so the. Crooks of my elbows are wet as I type this, which is annoying. And m ankles are wet because the cuffs of my jeans are wet. And my beanie is soaked. If I’m here long enough maybe I’ll get some pie. I could go to Starbucks so I have Internet access, but the atmosphere just would be as cozy.

Ok, I am bored now. I can’t tell if it’s raining outside or if it’s just water dripping off of the awning. I’ve already had three refills on coffee, but it’s not that strong so I’m not wired yet. And I’ve just found a wireless connection so let’s see if I can post this now.

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